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Below, we lay out exactly what we will complete for your brand on a daily and monthly occurrence.  As independent as all of these individual duties of our main services (Website Development, SEO etc.) are,it is ensured to be conducted in coordination with the client and to have open lines of communicated to reassure them they are all being executed to the brands liking. Monthly reports are required to keep constant growth a common goal. 


All duties may or may not apply depending all the brand.


• Social Media Management

  • Interacting with the follower base by responding and connecting with followers.
  • Messaging/emailing potential customers on behalf of the brand in attempts of customer acquisition. 
  • Respond to Private/Direct Messages in an efficient, instant fashion representing the brand. 
  • Manage and create Social Media Ads with an aollocated budget.
  • Marketing the brands product/services with the right approach. 
  • Hold marketing campaigns to drive certain parts of the brand. (Closely in coordination with the client)
  • Conduct the social media in a consistent and time efficient manner. (Scheduled and Real-time Posts)
  • Growing the follower base and try to interact with fellow industry professionals. 
  • Put out video and image content through all platforms.
  • Pushing collaborations with other brands to increase exposure.
  • Adjust the visual content/ text characters to suit each platform



•Branding / Graphic Design

  • Design graphics to fit each social media platform better. (Profile Picture, Cover photo) 
  • Creating and conducting visual campaigns through our social media. (Approved by client) 
  • Create visuals for social media, adjusting size and appropriateness to match each platform. 
  • Brand each of the clients image to represent the clients brand. (Logo, Name, #Hashtag on bottom corner/center)
  • Branding and editing of all video content for the brand. 
  • Get the clients social media in a professional and aesthetically pleasing state 



•Website Development & Maintenance

  • Working closely with the client to create a website for the brand. 
  • Driving traffic to the website through social media content &campaigns.
  • If the above exists, maintain upkeep and high standards of the website. 
  • Update the website with New; Blogs/ Products in Online Store/ Social Media content & Brand Updates 
  • Keep the website new and refreshed, not letting the visitor hold a perceived image prior to the visit of the website. 
  • Ensuring that billing and fees are paid on time for the client's website, lowering the chances of downtime. 



•Paid Advertisements

  • Creating and maintaining paid advertisement campaigns through Google, Twitter, Instagram & Facebook for the brand. 
  • Optimising the paid marketing budget in creating various campaigns driving different aspects of the brand. 
  • Closely monitoring developing and changing any factors required in each campaign.
  • If an area of the budget is unsuccessful, adjust it, if still the case - cut it and replace it with a new freshn angle.  
  • Provide stats and conversion figures for your online site or ecommerce store that come from these ads.